This precious pit pup was being dumped on the side of Baytown road by her owner when two residents saw the act and began videoing as they confronted the person responsible. After an attempt to get the owner to surrender the pup to the local animal shelter, the owner fled and dumped the dog hours later. The video was posted to the We All Nosey in Baytown Facebook page where local residents teamed together to put a search out for the dog. She was found by Chip N Snip after a resident messaged us stating a dog was laying outside his fence. This was on Republic Street, leading to her new name and new beginning to life. After two weeks in the ER for treatment of a gastric infection and sepsis shock, Republic was finally released to her foster home where she continued her medications and began to live like a dog should. She was immediately foster failed and is loving her life with her dog brother, her two humans kids, and her dog parents. Republic's original owner was reported and is now facing charges. The outcome is yet to be determined. To read more on her story, click the news links below.




Just as us humans, dogs need vaccinations to protect them from vicious diseases and viruses. It is recommended that puppies do not travel outside of the home or visit with unvaccinated dogs until all three rounds of vaccinations are received. The first round can begin as early as six weeks. Also, a dog is never too old to be vaccinated. Visit your local vet to begin your dog's vaccination schedule. 

All Chip N Snip dogs receive vaccinations.



As secure as we set our homes and yards to ensure our dogs don't get out, it sometimes happen. Microchipping your dog can make all of the difference when it comes to finding your pet. It's a quick chip insertion into the skin that contains owner information, once registered. If your beloved fur baby goes on a solo stroll, the person who finds your dog can scan the chip at a local vet for your contact information. 

All Chip N Snip dogs are microchipped.

Spay & Neuter


One of the most responsible decisions a dog parent can make is to spay/neuter. Dogs are typically ready for this by six months of age. Schedule an appointment with your local vet to see when your dog is ready.  

All Chip N Snip dogs are spayed and neutered.